Frequently Asked Questions


What is Project CREED?

Project CREED is an organization that partners with communities to rediscover and spread knowledge on a local level about good public health practices through the creation and distribution of children’s books.

What services does Project CREED provide to an outside Project Leader or Partner?

Project CREED handles publication, ISBN, copyright, formatting, printing the books, and editing to an extent. (They should check grammar and order of pages before they submit them to us, but we do catch mistakes and apply for corrections.)

We handle shipping, but they will have to distribute once they receive the books.

We like communities to take over as much of the book creation as possible, but we do offer an illustrator if needed.

What kind of communities does Project CREED partner with?

We partner with developing communities anywhere around the world.

How long does a project take?

Depending on the availability of communication resources and the community’s time, the book can take on average anywhere from 2 to 6 months to complete. However, a book has been completed in just one month, and another has taken a whole year to finish.

How long does it take to print the book?

Printing takes anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the amount of requested books, and the current demand levels and lead time required by the printer.

How are the books shipped? How long does shipping take?

Depending on the project location, books are either shipped directly in country or are brought over and distributed by project leaders/volunteers.  The time shipping takes varies per project.

Who is responsible for funding?

All funding comes from fundraising campaigns and our "Buy a Book Give a Book" program in which a digital copy goes to the donor/purchaser, and the actual hard copy goes to the partner/project community.

We help with campaigns and fundraising through our contacts, newsletters, forms of social media, press releases, and donors, but the partner is also responsible for raising funds. (The more people they get involved, the more likely they are to reach their goals sooner).

If, during the campaign, the partners exceed their financial goals and do not wish to print any more books or audio CDs, then extra funds will either be donated to other book projects or funneled into a new project created by the community.

How does funding work? What does the money go towards?

Our books are purchased on a Buy a Book Give a Book basis where someone purchases the book and receives a digital copy while a paperback copy goes to the community. Funding works through campaigns, book drives, sponsorship networking, and donations. 

 The money goes towards the book projects and book campaigns.

Does Project CREED make any profit?

Although we are a social enterprise, Project CREED DOES NOT MAKE A PROFIT. 

80% of the funds goes towards book creation and shipping while the rest of the money is allocated to running Project CREED’s business processes (e.g., online services, market materials, ISBN assignments, website upkeep, etc.).

Where can I buy the books?

You can purchase e-books or paperback copies via our website at!store.

How do I sponsor a community or project?

You can sponsor a community or project by contacting us at