Books in Hand!

Cambodia Trip 2017 was a success!

This past April, Mateo Brady returned to Cambodia to reconnect with Project Leader, Chan Minea. Together they delivered 200 freshly printed copies of "A New Hope" to the village of Prey Veng. Having been in the works since November 2015, local Headmaster Socheat was more than eager to receive the books and get them into the hands of his staff. The books center on the story of Sokleng, a young girl from Prey Veng village. With the help of her school mates, Sokleng helps to educate the local children and villagers about the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation. All characters and locations in the book are based on the very people whom Mateo has gotten to know over the past three years. The local children were amazed to see their names, their school, their families, and their story represented in a professionally crafted book that they helped to create.

As further plans to print more books are underway, the first 200 hundred books were distributed by Socheat among five village schools within his district of Puok. The books were printed in both Khmer and English and will be used as both a handy guidebook to proper hygiene as well as translation materials for English acquisition. Project Leader, Chan Minea, explained it as such:

"Growing up in a Cambodian village leaves many kids without proper access to up-to-date educational material, so for these kids to have their story laid to paper is both exciting and rewarding for all involved. With the English translation available - they can also use this as a tool to improve their foreign language ability, something that is of growing importance within Cambodia." 

Mateo plans to return to Cambodia in 2018 to further evaluate the status and success of the project in person. Stay tuned as Project CREED plans to print and send more books to other schools in Cambodia!


What can be of more value than the gift of health education to improve a life?  Handwashing could protect 1 out of 3 children from diarrheal diseases and 1 out 5 from pneumonia- the top two killers of children around the world.

For the month of December, Project CREED will match all “Always Wash Your Hands” book donations! Buy a PDF version in the language of your choice, and Project CREED will print two books to be delivered on our next expedition into the field. Don’t need a PDF? Visit our donate page, where every $15 given will print two books for delivery.

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Gone to Print!

After weeks of working with countless Cambodian volunteers from the temples of the west coast in America to the streets of Cambodia--perfecting both story and translation--we are elated to announce 175 copies in Khmer and 25 copies in English of 'A New Hope: The Art of Change' have finally been printed. We are rearing and ready to take off to Cambodia to deliver! However, lots of planning and fundraising must happen first. The trip date is scheduled for early spring of next year and logistics are still on the whiteboard. 

Our goal is to send Mateo to meet up with Minea, books in hand and ready to teach. Teach what and to whom? Well, glad you asked. Our project leaders will be working closely with local school teachers to empower them to integrate the book they created with current curriculum through interactive learning and story telling. 

Why don't we send more books? Not every book project is the same and although we have had exceptional results in the past, every book requires a test period in which the community who created the book has space to Receive, React with feedback on whether or not to move into the next phase of Reaching Out to surrounding communities with their knowledge for a healthier future. 

'A New Hope: The Art of Change' is available as an ebook or in print at our LIBRARY 
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Prey Veng, Cambodia Project

After much hard work, A New Hope: The Art of Change is published and 250 copies have been printed! The book is currently being translated into several languages, including Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian and Dutch. The next phase of the project process will be getting approval from the Cambodian government for the books to be used in the classroom. 

“I hope this book serves to inspire “hope” in the minds of Cambodian children. They must realize that they have the power to create a better future for themselves and the next generation. I want them to realize that if they make the rights choices in life, contribute to their communities, and work hard, they can achieve a healthier, more prosperous future.”
- Chan Minea Ouk

The second major phase of the project will be distributing the books (and hopefully printing more copies) to public schools in the Siem Reap area. This means a return voyage for our Project CREED volunteers and more collaboration with local educators in the area! Help them complete the project here: 

Sami Pachonki, The Gambia Project SUCCESS!

Over 600 books delivered to schools throughout The Gambia and are not only being used by schools, but Peace Volunteers, too!

Project CREED partnered with Peace Corps, The Gambia to create, collaborate and deliver children's health & hygiene books to the youth of Sami Pachonki.  The books star two of The Gambia's most beloved folklore characters, Hyena & Hare, and puts a spin on their troublemaking antics by combining health information on  Nutrition. 

'ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS' is now available in Gambian loacal languages! Pulaar, Mandinka,Jola, Serehule, and Woolof.

Estancia Project a SUCCESS!

They made it! 200 copies of "Por la Gente, Para la Gente" are now in Estancia, El Salvador

  • The New GOAL:  70 additional books requested
  • In Country Now: 200 with audio book CDs

The stories from the elders covered a wide range of communal heritage components.  The stories include:

  • Natural techniques for cultivating crops free of pesticides for better community health and nutrition;
  • Accounts of the community’s actions during the civil war (1979-1988);
  • The type of community relations/issues from years past and how they have changed since the civil war;
  • And local religious and cultural traditions. 

Garrett took these stories to the youth art groups, and each child chose which story they wanted to draw.  Altogether, hundreds of pages of writing and almost one hundred drawings are being used to create the first written history book of Estancia. The book will be titled “Por La Gente, Para La Gente” (Of The People, For The People). 

Since January 21st of last year, El Salvador Project Leader Garrett has been periodically hosting meetings to hand out the books in La Presa, Naranjera, Colón, and to Rodeo.

“I am sure you can imagine I have been overwhelmed with joy this last week with the reactions of the people towards the book. Part of me was nervous they would not recognize its importance in their lives since they have never had anything like it. But no, they recognized it’s potential immediately.” --Garrett

The people have many insights into the potential for the books saying things like: “With this book, the youth will be able to learn the stories about how this community came to be and learn to reflect on how it is today. Hopefully they will be able to begin to create a vision for how they hope it can become.”

Garrett is also talking with the school director to integrate the books into the classroom. By brainstorming they came up with several ideas to use the book to research aspects of Estancia the children never knew, to use the book as an example in creating a written history, and to find other information they wanted to know and go out to interview their elders.  Garrett is also working on an English translation for the book.

Out of all the overwhelming joy and accomplishment, the important thing to remember is this: “They wrote it, with their ability to read and write, they have created the first-ever written history book. All I did was find the people who wanted to support the community towards having written history.”

If you or someone you know is interested in helping to fund this project, please contact Garrett directly by email at (