Project leaders Mateo Brady and Jillian Stenzel have worked with their Cambodian counterpart Chan Minea Ouk to create a health education book aimed at addressing the importance of water sanitation and dental hygiene. This project was particularly effective due to Mateo's close and personal relationship with the villages of Prey Veng and Tropang Sas over the past two years. The newest edition to Project Creed's library, A New Hope: The Art of Change, will be distributed to over two-hundred children and implemented into the curriculum of Duon Sva Primary School in Prey Veng village. Headmaster Socheath said, "I can't wait to implement these books into our curriculum and get my students excited about improving their health and the health of their community." 

Mateo will be returning to Cambodia this June to deliver the books and work alongside the educators at Duon Sva Primary School at creating a sustainable future for the health of Prey Veng village. 

How can you help? Donate so we can print and send the books to the Prey Veng community, local schools and surrounding villages. 

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Sami Pachonki, The Gambia

Dani Siems and counterpart Lamin Kanyi managed the publication of a book about nutrition, and 600 copies have been distributed through partnerships with US Peace Corps Volunteers.  The book stars two of The Gambia's most beloved folklore characters, Hyena & Hare, and puts a spin on their troublemaking antics by weaving in health information about nutrition.  As a teacher at the Sami Pachonki Primary School, Lamin is working close with Headmaster Sait Saine to integrate the books into their curriculum and to distribute them to surrounding schools in the Sami District where so many families suffer from malnutrition--not because of a lack of resources, but because of a lack of nutrition knowledge. 

'ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS' is also now available in Gambian local languages Pulaar, Mandinka,Jola, Serehule, Aku, and Woolof!


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Estancia, El Salvador

Project Leader Garrett Braun coordinated the publication of a book about a rural community's experience during the civil war and how it has impacted local agricultural customs.  This is the first book that Estancia will have EVER had about its own history. Over 200 copies of "Por la Gente, Para la Gente" with audio cds have been donated to school classrooms and sent back to every family involved in the book's creation.

Our aim is to deliver 70 more books and audiobook cds to the community.  Can you help us reach that goal?

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Kibuye, Rwanda

Our pilot project began in Kibuye where volunteers of the Clean Water Initiative collaborated with locals to write the very first of Project CREED's books. "Cleaning with Water is Easy, Cleaning Water is Hard!" book was tested in different communities around the Karangi District.  Its focus is on clean water hygiene and malaria prevention, and it has been extensively distributed to local clean water hygiene class participants and school classrooms.

We have a goal to distribute 100 more copies. Can you help us?

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los angeles, usa

Project CREED has teamed up with Netiya to advance urban agriculture education among the youth in their local Los Angeles niche.  The two organizations worked closely together to publish a book about the social, spiritual and nutritional values of urban communal gardening. The resulting book "Back to the Source" is available now and is being used for fundraising purposes and to promote Netiya's mission.

Donate to Netiya through their "Buy a Book, Plant a Tree" campaign.

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universal hand hygiene project

Our universal hand hygiene book "Always Wash Your Hands" was published in ten languages and has been distributed in The Gambia, Peru,  Rwanda, South Africa, Mexico, El Salvador, Rwanda and South Korea.

Languages currently available include:

  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Mandinka
  • Pulaar
  • Wolof
  • Serehule
  • Kinyambo Kinyankole
  • Swahili
  • English
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